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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Highlights From Brand Name Shopping Mall (08/21/08)

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Monday, November 12, 2007

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Highlights From Brand Name Shopping Mall (11/12/07)
A Letter From IRAQ- Views From A Soldier Who Has Spent 15 Months In IRAQ

On my Brand Name Shopping Mall, I have an area (1/4 of the way down the page-right next to the image of Maxine) that gives an address for those who wish to support our troops. Now that it's getting close to Christmas, it might be a good idea to get the donations out now so that they will get them in time for Christmas. Bonnie Bryan is a VFW member in Paradise, California and she and her friend Debbie do a lot of work in collecting donations and sending packages to our troops overseas. Bonnie and I worked together for over 10 years and she's a good friend of mine and a very good person. If you send anything to her for the troops, I guarantee that the troops will get it.

Bonnie gets to know, not only the soldiers themselves, but members of their families and she keeps in touch with them. One of them sent her the following letter and I thought that people would be very interested in one soldier's view of the Iraq war. Please take time to read it. It is an eye-opener.

October 6, 2007

From: Note From Bonnie:
This is a letter we received from one of our soldiers in Tikrit, Iraq (which is where we found that idiot in an underground hole). Dan is on his way home soon but I thought you just might appreciate the letter he sent; yes, we did send him care packages but the last two packages were sponsored by a church and the VFW - in other words, they paid the postage for all of the packages we mailed.

By the way, included in the packages were yo yo's which I understand from the relatives they loved them. The next packages going out next week will include marbles. Goodness knows there's enough sand to draw a huge circle should the "kids" want to draw a big one. Here is Dan's letter. (Editor's Note: They are also interested in the Rubicon Puzzles!)

Here Is The Letter:

"Dear Savior of Lutheran Church and the VFW.

Thank you for the packages you sent. It's great to know people back home are thinking about us. It seems the war is unpopular back home, but no matter if you support the war or not - you should always support the sons and daughters of America who are doing a job that is neither fun or safe.

"I have been in Iraq for 15 months but I am no expert on Iraq or its' politics. I read about people condemning the war but I cannot help but laugh because these are the people we, as the American people, put in office, and I think that puts the blame on all our shoulders for the mess we are in here. We will not win this battle until America puts its' politics to the side and join together as a Christian America and fight this war to the end.

"I know there is a God because I pray to him every day and He has protected me for 15 months against radical Islamic fighters who wish nothing more than to kill Americans and make the world an Islamic state. The war of morals, values, and freedom is being fought here in Iraq by men and women who believe in God so that our sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers never have to live under the yoke of Islamic Ideals.

"This war will not be short and I pray America has the will to see it to the end."

" Thank you for your support. God bless all of you.

SSG Dan B, Tikirit, Iraq, 82nd Airborne Div."

God bless America. God bless us one and all.


Saturday, June 30, 2007

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Highlights From Brand Name Shopping Mall (June 30, 2007)


Isn't it time we started tracking the candidates and know who the hell we are voting for in the 2008 Presidential Election?

THE EASY WAY! When it comes to voting in the 2008 Presidential Election, the least we can do is know the candidates and what their views are. Here is an easy way to do it!

This is rather exciting for me. I have lived through more presidential elections then I care to admit, but never remember being able to follow any of the candidates or their views on political issues except the occasional national news story on TV or the newspapers.

Now you can follow ALL the candidates in the coming months. A rather unique and exclusive newscast has been formed and the news stories are exclusively on the Campaign 2008 candidates.You can check out the candidate of your choice, or all of them if you like, whenever you like. As the saying goes, "just a click away."

This unique news forecast gives out individual stories (just click on the one you want to see/hear) for all the candidates; and new stories are coming in all the time.

Make this your Presidential Campaign 2008 Headquarters for information on the existing candidates, any new ones, or any of those that drop out of the race.


Friday, June 01, 2007

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Friday, April 27, 2007

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Has All Our Media Turned Into Yellow Journalism? Including our daily dose of TV News?

I have been appalled as I watched the news for the past several years and find that our news is, for the most part, all based on sensationalism.

Journalism, one of our most respected careers, no longer has the elegance or stature that it once had. It has been reduced to the ways of yellow journalism. Our news is now based on sensationalism and is ruled by greed. The more sensational the news, the more money to be made in advertising. It can no longer be called news, as such.

The New York Times newspaper's headline "All the News That's Fit To Print" should now read "Any News Is Fit To Print." Our news media has lost any sense of responsibility in reporting the news. There are still some things that are not fit to print, but our news media is ignoring their responsibility and is printing anything that is sensational, regardless of who suffers as a result.

The irresponsibility of our news media is not only creating havoc but could very well be ruining lives. Is ruining lives worth the greed that's involved? There are several incidents that have really caused me a great deal of concern.

The Alex Baldwin story of the personal and very private text emails to his daughter. I am not condoning Alex Baldwin's remarks. He definitely needs anger management counselling and I pray for his poor daughter who was the object of that tirade. But, the person who released those tapes should be hung at dawn. And all the news media that reported and showed those tapes should be hung at dawn right along with the despicable person who released them. It's the Baldwin's daughter who is getting hurt the most, but evidently the news media did not care about the human factor and were completely irresponsible in reporting this fiasco. It was not anything the public needed to know. It was not fit to print. The person who released them (could it have been Alex Baldwin's ex-wife?) did so for their own personal benefit and not the benefit of the public. The people who reported on them did so for the sensationalism it would cause and the increased ratings for their show and not for the benefit of the public. And if the person who released them was, in truth, Alex Baldwin's ex-wife, using their daughter as a pawn in a fierce divorce battle is one of the most despicable ploys ever perpetrated by a so-called adult couple.

I am convinced that Princess Diana was killed by the so-called photographers or "paparazzi" in their eagerness to get high-paying photographs. They claim that her bodyguard had been drinking. It was proven he had a couple of beers. A big, burly, strong bodyguard who cannot handle one or two beers is pathetic and probably untrue. I suspect he was a scapegoat to whitewash the photographers involved.

It seems to me that Anna Nicole Smith was driven to suicide. They claim an accidental overdose, but if Ms. Smith had been taking these drugs all these years, it is doubtful she would be "accidental" with them and would know exactly how each one affected her. She may have been pretty well drugged during most of her interviews, but she was not stupid. Anything but. The news media would not leave her alone. Her son's death devastated her and the news media were constantly at her and would not leave her alone long enough to let her grieve for her son.

What is the news media now going to do to her daughter? They are going to ruin her life as well under the guise of imparting news to the public. We do not need to know about Ms. Smith's daughter, so if the news media has any responsible bones left in their collective bodies, leave Ms.Smith's daughter and her father alone and let them live normal lives.

It seems that "yellow journalism" is the only news that's left in this country.

Friday, February 16, 2007

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Online Shopping Security
Is As Simple As 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    By:  Rusty Rose

Security Should Never Be A Problem!

Because almost everyone seems to have a computer, it is surprising that there are still so many people who are afraid to shop online. And who can blame them? With all the scares of identity theft, credit card numbers stolen, personal information hacked right out of their computer, you can't really fault them too much.

But all that is needed for the ultimate protection, is some common sense and a few simple precautions to take and you're safe, even from the most talented hacker. The number one step is:

#1. Don't Put The Information In Your Computer In The First Place!

Why do you need to store personal information in your
computer? There is absolutely no need for it. If you are not in business, who needs your home address, who needs your phone number, who needs your social security number, who needs your credit card number, or anything else about you that is personal...your date of birth, your maiden name
(if you are a married female)....or whether you're married or single; is nobody's business but your own.

#2. Be Creative

But, you say, whenever you join programs like a photo gallery or a gaming subscription, they ask you these questions. They shouldn't. The only thing you should have to provide is a user name (and you can use any name you want-Barbara Streisand's name if that's to you're liking, or a name that you wish you had when you were a child); and a password. The only real information you should give them is your email address. For anything else, I favor creative answers. If you're an old crone like I am, I like the age of 29-if that's what they're asking; so I count back 29 years and that's what I use for my birthdate. My mother's maiden name can be any movie star I happen to like at the time I'm filling out the form. No one has the right to ask you for any personal information, no matter what program you're subscribing to. If you give them creative answers, it's not hurting them since they don't need the information to begin with, and it's keeping your real personal information off the Internet.

Of course, if you're filling out a resume for a job position, that's a different story. Not only do the people who are asking you for this information who are planning to possibly hire you have the right to ask you the questions, but you have the obligation to answer them honestly. But circumstances like this are rare on the Internet and most reputable companies will treat the information with the utmost respect and security. I've never filled in a resume online, but I think when it came to personal questions, I would simply put in "to be given at interview."

#3. Now How Do We Remember All That Creativity?

Now that we have that settled, how are you going to remember all this information. They might come back and ask you you're birthdate as a security provision if you're having any kind of problems with them. Here's the trick. Get yourself a small Rolodex and keep it by your computer. Whenever you join a program, pull out a card from the Rolodex-print the name of the company in capital letters on the top; under that print your UserId (User Name); and under that print your password. In that order. Those three pieces of information will always be on every card. Keep them in the same order each time and then you'll only have to glance at the card for the information. The very next piece of information should be the email address you used if you use more than one account, and lots of people do. Then you can add any other information, if you had to give it. The birthdate you gave them, mother's maiden name, etc.


Forget the automatic forms that hold your information. Don't use them. Don't use the automatic fill-ins that browsers give you. It's not that difficult or time consuming to type in your name and email address. Do not allow any company to store your credit cards. If you're an online shopper, when you get ready to shop on the Internet, pull the credit card out of your wallet and put it on the desk beside your computer for reference, but don't leave it in any stores, even if they suggest it to make your shopping faster. (I've solved that problem by memorizing my card number. At my age, it wasn't easy. *Grin)

Keep accurate records of your online doings in your Rolodex, not in your computer. If there is someone in your home you don't trust, or a room mate you're not too sure of, keep one of those small telephone address books in your purse, and use that in place of the Rolodex.

Now, what is a hacker going to get out of your computer? Nothing. Even if they hack into Sears records, or Amazon's records, they won't get your information (maybe your address and/or phone number) but that all important information (credit cards, social security numbers, birthdates, etc) will not be available to them, because they won't be there.

#4. Internet and Online Shopping

Now, the crux of the matter in security. There are still many computer users who are afraid to shop online and are afraid to give their credit card numbers online. Well, I have some good news for you.

[First of all, if you plan on doing a lot of shopping online, but don't want to over-extend yourself - get a debit card from your bank. Ask them for one. That way you will only buy what you have money in the bank to cover. Once you get used to shopping online, it is very easy to over-extend yourself if you have a credit card with a large credit line. Almost all online stores now accept debit cards and it really is the best way to shop.]

Make sure the debit card you get is a "major" card like Visa or MasterCard. When you shop, pick out the major or national chain stores to shop in. They are all safe to deal with. Once you get used to the idea, you will find that shopping online with a credit card is much safer than shopping in a store in person. When you put your credit card number in an online store, for instance like Sears, it is immediately encrypted AND IT DOES NOT GO TO SEARS AT ALL. It goes directly (encrypted) into Visa or MasterCard who in turn checks it's validity and then let's Sears know that it is valid. It all takes only a few seconds before anyone has a chance to see it. (This is why I said DO NOT LET THE STORES STORE YOUR CREDIT CARDS!) Now, the only way a hacker can get your card is by hacking into Visa or MasterCard and, in that case, this would include the card you use at in-store shopping as well as online shopping. I think that would take some doing, anyway. Even if a hacker could do it, with the millions upon millions of cards they have, the odds of yours being chosen would be like trying to win the lottery, pretty slim.

Now compare online shopping to shopping at the store in person. The sales clerk not only sees your card, but has a copy of the number in the sales receipt which is stored there by her cash register for any clerk to see until the receipts are sent to the office. And then, how many people in the office see your receipt with your credit card number on it? Several handlers probably, the computer operator who posts your sales transaction, the accountant who handles the books, etc. Now what seems safer to you?

#5. Now The Last Piece of Information To Complete Your Security-Safe Passwords

The tendency is to find a really neat password and use it for everything, mainly because it's easier to remember. No. No. No. If someone cracks your password, they can get into everything. You need to have unique passwords, especially if you bank online, have a stock plan or retirement plans online or some program that is really sensitive. I have a couple of doozies for my bank account and my PayPal account. I can never remember them and look them up each time I use them. It must be unique and should be at least 8 digits long, preferably 12 with both letters and numbers. No problem with trying to remember them anymore because of the "neat little trick" I showed you using the Rolodex. Keep the Rolodex right by your computer and it just takes a second to flip to the one you're looking for. You can go really wild now with your creativity, because you are no longer going to be using the same password. You're going to make up new ones everytime you join something on the Internet. Nothing will protect you more than this. This is the way to create passwords.

Right now, on my desk, is a gas bill, 3 cookies and a calendar. Okay, how about gas3calendar. There's 12 letters. Lets make it more secure. My gas bill is $20.93. Not usually that low. How about 293gas3calen. Now there's a 12 digit password that would be hard to crack. There is nothing in there that relates to you, your dog, your birthdate (I don't think), your house number, your zip code. Now that's a perfect password. You could even go further and add 4 numbers to the end of it and make it a 16 digit password. Most passwords are case sensitive and you could capitalize a letter, for instance you could make that last one 293gAs3caLen. Let me give you one more example. On my rug, I have a paisley pattern and I would guess it repeats itself about 100 plus times. Each pattern has 5 loops on it. How about 100plus5paisley. That has 15 letters in it. Or 100plUs5paIsleY. Another very difficult one for someone to crack. On my kitchen counter I have 3 eggs sitting waiting to be scrambled and a picture of my daughter with her 2 children. She's got a bright pink blouse on. You could make several passwords from that. egGs33pinK242524. 3 eggs, 3 children, (33) pink blouse and their ages all "scrambled" up. I don't know about you, but I've never heard of pink eggs before. I doubt too many other people have either, except maybe Dr. Seuss. Be very careful when you print the password into your Rolodex between the small letters and the capital letters. I think you've got the idea.

Now, you can go out and shop online with all the confidence in the world. Remember to stick to brand name stores and what better place than at the Brand Name Shopping Mall where you can find Macy's, Sears, Montgomery Ward's, Targets, Wal-Mart's, etc.-almost 60 stores all in one place. You can do comparison shopping, discount shopping with Wal-Mart's and Overstock and take advantage of all the sales. A lot of the stores have free shipping and many of them have on-line sales and buys that you can't get in person in the actual stores. Take advantage of them.

Rusty Rose
Owner/Manager of

Since 1998, Rusty Rose has been
successful in several businesses,
including internet advertising, with
Rusty Rose's latest endeavor, the
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